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About the Fund

In a world of globalized markets, overwhelming information and merciless volatility, many investors are apprehensive about managing financial assets personally. Difficult as it is to choose individual stocks and bonds, it can be even harder to choose whether to be in stocks or bonds. The Holland Balanced Fund was created for investors who want to entrust decisions like these to a veteran portfolio manager.

The Holland Balanced Fund is a no-load mutual fund designed to give individual investors access to the money management skills of Michael F. Holland.

Why Invest

Michael Holland

A seasoned money manager with more than forty years of experience, Michael Holland is singularly focused and personally committed to the continued success of the Holland Balanced Fund.

Good Core Investment Options

A balanced fund is a mutual fund that contains a mix of stocks, bonds and cash equivalents that attempts to achieve growth in both income and capital, while attempting to minimize volatility. The Holland Balanced Fund specifically allocates 60% of its holdings to blue chip, dividend paying stocks and 40% to U.S. Treasury fixed income obligations.

Tax Efficiency

By keeping portfolio turnover low, the Holland Balanced Fund is able to minimize its tax burden. Since the fund's inception in 1995, turnover has averaged less than 25% per year.

No Hidden Costs

The Holland Balanced Fund charges no marketing fees and has no "soft" dollar arrangements.